• Frederik: A Busker’s Life (S1E4)

    Frederik: A Busker’s Life (S1E4)

    You can find Frederik Konradsen almost every weekend next to the flea markets at Mauerpark or Arkonaplatz in Berlin. His energy seems to infect visitors immediately. He plays on the streets since 2001. Frederik was one of the promising candidates in the danish version of X Factor in 2008. When […]

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  • Peter: a.k.a. Bea La Boa (S1E3)

    Peter: a.k.a. Bea La Boa (S1E3)

    Peter alias Bea La Boa lives in Berlin since 1962. With a gentle, almost fragile voice he shares some tough challenges he had to face in his life. But as soon as his fingers touch a nail polish bottle he starts smiling like a little boy. After 30 years of […]

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  • Mamy: When You Are Not In Control (S1E11)

    Mamy: When You Are Not In Control (S1E11)

    I met Mamy on my travels through West Africa. She lives with her family and son Tito in South Senegal. 13 years ago Mamy traveled around the country and worked with tourists. But then suddenly her legs started to hurt so much in 2003, they both had to be amputated. Until […]

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  • Snippets Of A Lifetime – Trailer

    Snippets Of A Lifetime – Trailer

    Strangers tell their stories and let you have a deep look inside their soal. Starting late October there will be a new episode every week. Every stranger has stories to tell. What’s your story?

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