• Malia: The Interview (S1E12)

    Malia: The Interview (S1E12)

    How would you describe yourself? I would say I am quite a contradiction of things. I am quite chaotic but deep down I I am quite stable and calm, like I always think of an ocean with the waves going crazy at the top but down below it’s always very […]

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  • Mamy: The Interview (S1E11)

    Mamy: The Interview (S1E11)

    I met Mamy on my travels through West Africa. She lives with her family and son Tito in South Senegal. Mamy likes to sit in front of the house to chat with her neighbors. She sells soft drinks and beer on her porch, if there are customers. That way she […]

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  • Mitzi: The Interview (S1E10)

    Mitzi: The Interview (S1E10)

    Mitzi is a young skater cruising through Berlin. She has a strong vision and works hard to make her dream come true: Influence society by following her passion as a skater and taking as many people along as possible. On her blog “About A Board” she shares her experiences with […]

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  • Andreas: The Interview (S1E9)

    Andreas: The Interview (S1E9)

    Andreas lives in the mountains of Switzerland close to Zürich. Despite his young age he already traveled many countries and carried a lot of responsibility for his projects as a cableway constructor in Russia and other parts of the world. At an early age he starts to take his own […]

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  • Ede: The Interview (S1E8)

    Ede: The Interview (S1E8)

    Ede is a pretty chilled guy. Laid back, thoughtful and funny. A musician and father by heart. When he realized his dream of becoming a popular artist with his band Miramode Orchestra wouldn’t happen, he decided to change his life. As a train driver he now spends more time with […]

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  • Ahmed: The Interview (S1E7)

    Ahmed: The Interview (S1E7)

    In March this year Ahmed decided he had seen enough destruction and suffering in Iraq. On a long journey mainly on foot through Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary he reached Germany. In Chemnitz he found a temporary home in a refugee camp. Ahmed is a passionate writer and painter with […]

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  • Werner Textor: The Interview (S1E6)

    Werner Textor: The Interview (S1E6)

    I met Werner for the 1st time when I worked for BBC in 2009. They were covering the World Championships in Athletics and wanted me to find someone to interview who witnessed the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. After many calls around the city, I finally sat across Werner with […]

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  • Eva: The Interview (S1E5)

    Eva: The Interview (S1E5)

    Eva hat vor 2 Jahren ihren Agenturjob geschmissen um zu tischlern. Ihre Mama hat ihr dafür den Rücken gestärkt und gemeint, sie solle aufhören zu labern und einfach machen! Jetzt schreinert Eva mit einem breiten Grinsen Tische, Regale, Vasen und Schmuck für ihr Label madeva. Falls mal ein Bild im […]

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  • Frederik: The Interview (S1E4)

    Frederik: The Interview (S1E4)

    You can find Frederik almost every weekend next to flea markets at Mauerpark or Arkonaplatz in Berlin. His energy seems to infect visitors immediatly. He plays on the streets since 2001. Frederik was one of the promising candidates in the danish version of X Factor in 2008. When he hits […]

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  • Peter a.k.a. Bea: The Interview (S1E3)

    Peter a.k.a. Bea: The Interview (S1E3)

    Peter alias Bea La Boa lives in Berlin since 1962. With a gentle, almost fragile voice he shares some tough challenges he had to face in his life. But as soon as his fingers touch a nail polish bottle he starts smiling like a little boy. After 30 years of […]

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  • Saara: The Interview (S1E2)

    Saara: The Interview (S1E2)

    When  I  met  Saara  she  lived  in  Neukölln  and  worked  at  a  label  assisting  and  managing  musicians. She also plays the guitar and some beautiful tunes. When you meet her for coffee she charms her way into your heart, not only by her great loud laugh. She loves to philosophize […]

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  • Edgar: The Interview (S1E1)

    Edgar: The Interview (S1E1)

    Edgar is a true lad from Neukölln, Berlin. For over 70 years he’s lived in the same house in the Sonnenallee. In the 1940s, he worked at Berlin’s “red city hall”. His duty: to check prostitutes’ health certificates. He learned a lot in that time. When I meet him, he […]

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