Mamy: When You Are Not In Control (S1E11)

I met Mamy on my travels through West Africa. She lives with her family and son Tito in South Senegal. 13 years ago Mamy traveled around the country and worked with tourists. But then suddenly her legs started to hurt so much in 2003, they both had to be amputated. Until today she doesn’t know which disease was responsible. It was right then when her struggle started. She got 2 very simple plastic prostheses. That way she can at least walk small distances but almost never without pain. Mamy sells soft drinks and beer on her porch, if there are customers. That way she tries to pay for her son’s tuition fees. It would be great to find doctors to help her situation. If you can help please get in touch. Mamy would love to travel again and feel free. Instead she is stuck at her parents’ house. Please follow this link: to help collect tuition fees for her son Tito (open till 3rd February 2016).


Produced, Filmed & Directed by: Carolin Kraft
Edited by: Magdalena Pieta-Stritzke
Color Grader: Chris Ose
Sound Editor: Jon Kadocsa & Carolin Kraft

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