Malia: When Cancer Knocks On Your Door (S1E12)

Malia is a Jazz singer who was born in Malawi at a time where segregation still existed. We met in spring 2015 and spent some time together. I remember well how shocked I was to hear about her memories of that time. To chat with someone who actually had to go through segregation and public denunciation was touching for me. At a young age she moved to England with her parents and siblings and later discovered her passion for Jazz. Malia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She went through a painful struggle, with the support of her family. The way she sees life and our purpose on earth has changed since then. Unfortunately cancer has just again entered Malia’s life which affects me dearly.


Produced/ Filmed & Edited by: Carolin Kraft (concert: Lilian Czolbe)
Color Grader: Chris Ose
Sound Editor: Philipp Scholz

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