Mitzi: When You Are Not Noticed (S1E10)

Mitzi is a young skater cruising through Berlin. She has a strong vision and works hard to make her dream come true: Influence society by following her passion as a skater and taking as many people along as possible. On her blog “About A Board” she shares her experiences with long- and skateboarding. Mitzi alias Maria Preußmann also writes and takes great photographs. She almost gave in to her Mom who tried to talk her out of skating. It took Mitzi a couple years to rediscover her longing for boards and the sound of tiny wheels on asphalt. Don’t worry. Her Mom got over it and they get along quite well again.

Read the full interview on Sunday!


Produced & Filmed By: Carolin Kraft
Edited & Graded By: Andi Preisner
Sound Editor: Martin Rieger
Subtitles: Leah Corper

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