S2E7: Sex in nursing homes?

Edgar doesn’t know any taboos. He experienced so much in his 90 years. In the 1940s, just before he was sent to fight in the 2nd World War, he had some fun with 2 old prostitutes (69 and 71 yrs old). He still admires their warmth.

Edgar nimmt kein Blatt vor den Mund. Mit 90 hat er viel erlebt. Vor allem in den 1940ern als junger Mann. Kurz bevor er zum Krieg eingezogen wurde, hat er sich mit 2 älteren (69 und 71 Jahre) Prostituierten vergnügt und erzählt gern aus dieser Zeit.

Edgar is a true lad from Neukölln, Berlin. For over 70 years he’s lived in the same house in the Sonnenallee. In the 1940s, he had to witness the 2nd World War but also worked at Berlin’s “red city hall”. His duty: to check prostitutes’ health certificates. He learned a lot in that time…

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